Adams, Scott

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(1957-    ) US author and cartoonist best-known for the Dilbert strip from 1989, which superbly (in terms of concept and accuracy of Satire rather than quality of drawing) satirizes contemporary office life. As with most ambitious modern comic strips, it segues frequently into sf and fantasy tropes – such as Robot office workers, wish-fulfilling Ray Guns and metaphorical Timeslips – for the sake of incidental humour, but it is not a strip which uses the fantastic in any fundamental way. God's Debris: A Thought Experiment (2001 ebook; 2001) confronts a young man with a mysterious (and mysteriously talkative) figure able to explain everything about the Near Future world in which the tale takes place; his second novel, The Religion War (2004), is also simultaneously populist and searching in its examination of Religion through an attempt on the part of an omnicompetent protagonist to stop war between Christians and Muslims. [JC]

Scott Raymond Adams

born Windham, New York: 8 June 1957




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