Aermont, Paul

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Pseudonym of US businessman and author Benjamin F Field (1806-1887), whose Fantastic Voyage tale, A Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of Paul Aermont Among the Planets (1873), recounts the experience of an interplanetary tour by Balloon to Saturn (see Outer Planets), Jupiter, Mars and Venus. As usual in tales of this sort, exemplary societies occupy the various planets: the inhabitants of Jupiter, for instance, have created a rationalist technophilic Utopia; Venus features cannibals and a matriarchy. After falling in love and marrying (but later losing) a woman of Saturn, the narrator (Aermont) returns to Nebraska 50 years on, but no older. [JC]

Benjamin F Field

born Boston, Massachusetts: 23 September 1806 [28 September 1807 has also been given]

died Plymouth, Massachusetts: 2 January 1887



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