Afifi, Nadia

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(?   -    ) US author raised in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain who began to publish work of genre interest with "Exhibit K" in Abyss & Apex for second-quarter 2019. She is of sf interest for her first novel The Sentient (2020) in which an escapee from a moderately distant Near Future Dystopian coercive Keep run by the Children of the New Covenant (see Feminism; Religion; Women in SF) finds something like an intellectual home in the Academy of Greater Westport. Her skills as a "holomentic reader" (see Dream Hacking) are not initially exploited, however, as she is assigned to a project in which Clones and their children are subject to secret experimentation and mysterious deaths, possibly caused by Christian cultists. Not quite all the plot tangles are resolved. [JC]

Nadia Afifi

born USA




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