Aldiss, Margaret

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(1933-1997) UK editor and bibliographer, married to Brian W Aldiss. Her three bibliographies of her husband's work – Item Forty-Three; Brian W Aldiss; a Bibliography 1954-1962 (1962 chap) as by Margaret Manson, Item Eighty-Three; Brian W Aldiss; A Bibliography 1954-1972 (1972 chap) and The Work of Brian W Aldiss: An Annotated Bibliography & Guide (1992) – are extremely useful aids to the study of his complicated oeuvre. She also co-edited with Frank Hatherley and Malcolm Edwards a 65th birthday tribute: A Is for Brian: A 65th Birthday Present for Brian W Aldiss (anth/festschrift 1990). His moving account of her last days is the subject of When the Feast is Finished: Reflections on Terminal Illness (1999), a memoir; and A Plutonian Monologue on His Wife's Death (2000 chap), a memorial poem. [JC]

Margaret Christie Aldiss

born Maidstone, Kent: 23 May 1933

died Oxford, Oxfordshire: 6 November 1997


works as editor


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