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Working name of US author Raymon Huebert Aldridge (1948-    ), who began publishing work of sf interest with "The Flesh Tinker and the Loneliest Man" for Amazing in July 1987. His most typical work – in a style evocative of Cordwainer Smith and Jack Vance – may be contained in the PanGalactic Universe sequence, beginning with "The Touch of the Hook" (April 1988 F&SF), set in a galaxy centuries after Pantropy has seeded the stars. His one sf novel series – The Emancipator sequence, set on a slave planet run by an interstellar corporation – comprises The Emancipator #1: The Pharaoh Contract (1991), The Emancipator #2: The Emperor of Everything (1992) and The Emancipator #3: The Orpheus Machine (1992). [JC/MA]

Raymon Huebert Aldridge

born Syracuse, New York: 6 July 1948






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