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(1944-2015) US film set worker – as cameraman, electrician, gaffer, grip etc – and author whose first novel was Time After Time (1979), a Time Travel romp in which Jack the Ripper evades pursuit in 1893 by stealing the Time Machine described and here constructed by H G Wells, travelling through time to 1979 San Francisco (see California) and a renewed career of crime. Wells pursues; romantic and suspenseful complications follow. The story was filmed as Time After Time (1979). Jaclyn the Ripper (2009) is a sequel in which Wells again chases the Ripper through time, with the latter now transformed into the titular woman (see Transgender SF) who begins a new killing spree in 2010 Los Angeles. Standalone titles of genre interest are The Curse of the Vampire (1982), a psychological Horror story in which a US actress filming on location in Transylvania is oppressed by the shadows of her ancestors in that region (the novel's sensational title was imposed by the publishers, replacing Alexander's «The Preda Legacy»); and Time-Crossed Lovers (2012), whose temporal shenanigans begin when a faulty electric chair Timeslips the condemned-to-death protagonist into the past of 1957. [DRL]

Karl Alexander

born Los Angeles, California: 23 August 1944 [1938 has also been given]

died Los Angeles, California: 30 March 2015



Time After Time

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