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Australian monthly pocketbook magazine, a companion to Selected Science Fiction. 41 issues, May 1952-September 1955, unnumbered and undated 32pp booklets. Published by Malian Press, Sydney; no editor named, but likely to be the publisher, James Mitchell. The word "magazine" was not added to the cover until issue #25 suggesting that this had started as a book series rather than a magazine, and that the publisher had bought book rights rather than serial rights to stories. The "title" (more like a strap-line) American Science Fiction did not appear until issue #4. Each issue ran usually one or two stories, sometimes as many as four, reprinted from US magazines, of quite a good standard, including work by James Blish, Nelson Bond, John W Campbell Jr, Henry Kuttner and Robert A Heinlein. All of the covers were by Stanley Pitt (1925-2002). [MA/PN/FHP]


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