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(1957-    ) US journalist, editor and author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Silvern" in Revolution SF for June 2003, and who has released a large number of stories since. Many of these are Tall Tales [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] set in a fantasticated Texas, a dozen being assembled as Fantastic Texas (coll 2009; exp vt Texas & Other Planets 2010), with more Texas tales included in The Clock Struck None: A Collection of Alternate and Secret History Short Stories (coll 2014). In a spare, swift, convincing narrative style, conveying in a deadpan voice a wide array of sometimes Paranoid suppositions about the world, Antonelli juxtaposes realities with very considerable skill, creating a variety of Alternate Worlds, some of them somewhat resembling the constructions of Howard Waldrop, and making some sharp points about American history, race relations (see Race in SF), dreams, and occasional nightmares in which the twentieth century goes wrong.

His first novel, Another Girl, Another Planet (2017), posits an Alternate History in which (instead of engaging in the familiar Cold War) the US and USSR have cooperated to develop Space Flight and establish a joint colony on Mars, where shenanigans take place in the alternate 1985. [JC/DRL]

Louis Sergio Antonelli

born Medford, Massachusetts: 6 January 1957






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