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(1923-2005) US archaeologist, museum curator, journalist and author who began to publish sf with "Progress Report" (July 1953 If) and "Solution Delayed" (July 1953 Astounding), both written with Mark Clifton. He also collaborated with Clifton (whom see for details) on two early stories in the Bossy series and the first story only of Clifton's Ralph Kennedy sequence. Apostolides' one solo story is "Sandy Had a Tiger" (August 1958 F&SF). All his work appeared in the 1950s. [JC/DRL]

Alex Apostolides

born San Francisco, California: 29 November 1923

died El Paso, Texas: 27 September 2005


  • Progress Report (no place given: Project Gutenberg, 2011) with Mark Clifton [story: ebook: first appeared July 1953 If: na/]


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