Appel, Benjamin

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(1907-1977) US author, long and variously active, known mainly for such work outside the sf field as Brain Guy (1934) and The Raw Edge (1958). In his sf novel, The Funhouse (1959; vt The Death Master 1974), satirical (see Satire) and Linguistic sideshows sometimes illuminate the story of two Utopias as the Chief of Police from the anti-technological Reservation is called upon to save a future America (the Computer-dominated Funhouse) from atomic demolition. The Devil and W. Kaspar (1977), a fantasy, replays the central motif of The Funhouse, when the Devil in the title gives the eponymous ascetic a chance to save the world from nuclear Holocaust. [JC]

Benjamin Appel

born New York: 13 September 1907

died Monmouth, New Jersey: April 1977


works as editor


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