Arnold-Forster, H O

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(1855-1909) UK politician (Secretary of State for War 1903-1906) of conservative leanings, polemicist, author on military matters, and instigator with W T Stead of a famous hoax in 1884 which created a "naval scare", the details of which could have been made into a Future War tale. Indeed, Arnold-Forster's only work of fiction, In a Conning Tower; Or, How I Took HMS "Majestic" into Action: A Story of Modern Ironclad Warfare (July 1888 Murray's Magazine anon; 1891 chap), occupies very similar territory. There is much technical detail concerning the all-out deployment of yet-unused Weapons, but little story. [JC]

Hugh Oakley Arnold-Forster

born Dawlish, Devon: 19 August 1855

died London: 12 March 1909



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