Ashby, Richard

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(?   -    ) US author who began publishing fiction of genre interest with "A Joke for Harry" for Amazing in September 1949, and who was published short fiction actively for several years. His sf novel, Act of God (December 1951-January 1952 Other Worlds; exp 1971), concerns a conspiracy in 2002 to deprive the one man who has gained Immortality of his powerful gift. [JC]

Richard Ashby




  • Clown of Hemlock (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Chilton, 1959) [hb/Robert Arufu]
  • Act of God (New York: Leisure Books, 1971) [pb/Bill Hughes]
  • Banned in Hollywood (New York: Olympia Press, 1971) as by Sybah Darrich [erotic novel, apparently no fantastic content: pb/]


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