Atlantis, the Lost Continent

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Film (1961). Galaxy/MGM. Directed by and produced George Pal. Written by Daniel Mainwaring, based on Atalanta (1949), a play by Sir Gerald Hargreaves (1881-1972). Cast includes John Dall, Anthony Hall, Ed Platt and Joyce Taylor. 90 minutes. Colour.

A young Greek fisherman becomes involved with a castaway who says she is a princess from Atlantis. A large, fish-shaped submarine surfaces and they are both taken there. He is enslaved and witnesses the evils of the Atlantean culture, which include crimes against God and Nature. These lead to the eventual destruction and sinking of Atlantis by (a) a destructive Ray generated from a giant crystal and (b) an erupting volcano. The scope of the special effects was obviously affected by the low budget, but A Arnold Gillespie and his team achieved some colourful spectacles. However, the performances are wooden and the story strictly pulp. Pal was a better producer than director; this is one of his weakest films. [JB/PN]


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