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(1902-1967) French author and dramatist, not generally thought of as a contributor to the sf field, though several of his best-known novels, such as La jument verte (1933; appalling anonymous trans as The Green Mare 1938; new trans Norman Denny 1955), are fantasies, usually with a satirical point to make about provincial French life. La belle image (1941; trans Norman Denny as The Second Face 1951; new trans Sophie Lewis 2006) comes close to an sf nightmare of Identity in its rendering of the effect on its protagonist of finding himself suddenly and mysteriously given a second, more attractive face. La vouivre (1943; trans as The Fable and the Flesh 1949) is again a fantasy, its satirical targets again provincial. It has been twice adapted as a film. Across Paris and Other Stories (coll trans 1957; vt The Walker-through-Walls coll 1962) assembles fantasy and the occasional sf tale, as does the different selection [see Checklist] The Walker-through-Walls and Other Stories (coll 1972 trans Norman Denny). Pastorale (1931) is a regressive Utopia that makes more articulate than is perhaps entirely comfortable the nostalgia that lies beneath Aymé's urbane "Gallic" style.

Other works include Clérambard (1950; trans N Denny 1952), a play, and two children's fantasies: The Wonderful Farm (1951) and Return to the Wonderful Farm (1954; vt The Magic Pictures 1954). [JC]

see also: Fantasy Entries; Matter Penetration; Psychology.

Marcel Andre Aymé

born Joigny, Yonne, France: 29 March 1902

died Paris: 14 October 1967

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