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(?   -    ) Working name of UK scriptwriter and author Philip Baker, almost always in collaboration with his wife, Jane Baker (?   -    ); they collaborated on the script for the film Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969), and on four Doctor Who television scripts, which were then novelized as Doctor Who: Mark of the Rani (1986) with Jane Baker, Doctor Who: Time and the Rani (1987) with Jane Baker, Doctor Who: Terror of the Vervoids (1987) with Jane Baker, and Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe (1988); Baker also wrote Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who: Race Against Time (1986; vt Find Your Fate: Doctor Who #6: Race Against Time 1986). In 2000, Pip and Jane Baker wrote the script for the BBC Doctor Who Audio Adventure in Time & Space: The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind. [JC]

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