Ballinger, William S

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(1912-1980) US screenwriter (10 scripts between 1954 and 1974) and author who has also signed his books Bill S Ballinger (but who should not be confused with W A Ballinger, a House Name used by W Howard Baker and Wilfred McNeilly); he also published books as by Frederic Freyer and B X Sanborn. His work in radio, film and television was relatively successful (he won an Edgar Award in 1960, and he wrote "Firefall", a 1974 episode for the television series Kolchak: The Night Stalker), and he was moderately prolific as a detective writer; his written sf is comparatively obscure, and some listed titles are dubious. We feel secure about listing The 49 Days of Death (1969) and The Ultimate Warrior (1975), which novelizes The Ultimate Warrior (1975). The Doom Maker (1959; vt The Blonde on Borrowed Time 1960) as by B X Sanborn is a thriller. [JC]

William Sanborn Ballinger

born Oskaloosa, Oklahoma: 13 March 1912

died Tarzana, California: 23 March 1980



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