Banim, John

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(1798-1842) Irish playwright and author, brother of the author Michael Banim (1796-1874), and the dominant partner in their influential collaborative novels about Ireland as by Abel and Barnes O'Hara. He is of Proto SF interest for Revelations of the Dead-Alive (1824; vt London and its Eccentricities in the Year 2023 1845) anonymous, a Satire of the cultural world of London couched as a Fantastic Voyage a hundred years hence to various societies whose distortions mirror his deprecatory sense of the English world. Before the tale ends, the Moon is described as a colony of Earth, and battles in space ensue. [JC]

John Banim

born Kilkenny, Ireland: 3 April 1798

died Kilkenny, Ireland: 13 August 1842

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