Barbour, Douglas

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(1940-    ) Canadian poet (author of at least 14 volumes of poems, initially under the influence of Ezra Pound) and academic, a professor of English at the University of Alberta; his "Patterns of Meaning in the SF Novels of Ursula K. Le Guin, Joanna Russ and Samuel R. Delany, 1962-1972", accepted by Queen's University in 1976, was the first Canadian doctoral dissertation in the field of sf. A competent study of Delany was spun off from this volume: Worlds Out of Words: The SF Novels of Samuel R Delany (1979). Several shorter essays, specifically those on Samuel R Delany and Ursula K Le Guin, have demonstrated Barbour's adhesion to a high-road view of the genre, although he has published a short piece on The Witches of Karres (December 1949 Astounding; exp 1966) by James H Schmitz and has reviewed with some liberality of grasp. With Phyllis Gotlieb he edited Tesseracts2 (anth 1987), one of the Tesseracts series of anthologies containing original Canadian stories. [JC]

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Douglas Fleming Barbour

born Winnipeg, Manitoba: 21 March 1940



works as editor

  • Tesseracts2 (Victoria, British Columbia: Porcépic Books/Tesseract, 1987) with Phyllis Gotlieb [anth: Tesseracts: Tesseracts: pb/Jeff Kuipers]


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