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(1948-    ) A computer-systems and aeronautical engineering professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, he also directs that institution's PhD program on Sustainability, Technology and Humanism. Barceló is a translator, editor, and writer of sf. He is most well-known as an editor of sf and fantasy books for Ediciones B. He also founded and edited the Fanzine Kandama from 1980 until its discontinuation in 1984, publishing both translations of noteworthy English-language authors and Spanish-language authors who would later become important figures themselves, including Domingo {SANTOS}, Rafael Marín {TRECHERA}, and Elia {BARCELÓ}. He became a professional editor in 1986. As an sf scholar, he is best known as the author of Ciencia ficción: Guía de lectura ["Science Fiction Reader's Guide"] (1990). He co-authored the sf novel El otoño de las estrellas ["The Autumn of the Stars"] (2001) with Pedro Jorge {ROMERO}. He revised the entry for Spain in the second edition of this encyclopedia. He is also a columnist for the computer magazine Byte. [PN/DKn]

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Miquel Barceló

born Mataró, Catalunya, Spain: 1948


works (selected)

  • El otoño de las estrellas ["The Autumn of the Stars"] (Barcelona, Spain: Ediciones B, 2001) with Pedro Jorge {ROMERO} [pb/Gemma Pellicer and Raúl García]

nonfiction (selected)


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