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(1898-1997) UK author and philologist who served in World War One; his first book, The Silver Trumpet (1925), is Fantasy. He was long involved with the Anthroposophical philosophy of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). A member of the Inklings group and a long-time associate of C S Lewis, Barfield contributed to Essays Presented to Charles Williams (anth 1947), which Lewis had organized; he also dedicated The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (1950) to Barfield's daughter Lucy. As G A L Burgeon, Barfield wrote This Ever Diverse Pair (1950), whose descriptions of a split personality edge into the fantastic after "rhematophobia" – a loathing of the spoken word – afflicts "them". Later works include Worlds Apart (1963), described as "A Dialogue of the 1960s", Unancestral Voice (1968) and Night Operation (Fall-Winter 1983-Summer-Fall 1984 Towards; 2008 chap), a Dystopia focused on a society which hides Underground, the reasons for doing so being cloaked in Amnesia. [JC]

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Arthur Owen Barfield

born London: 9 November 1898

died Uckfield, Essex: 14 December 1997

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