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(1862-1923) Canadian-born author, in the UK from 1883, of much short fiction of sf interest, in particular "The Last Englishman" (July 1906 Monthly Story Blue Book Magazine), a Yellow Peril tale in which a worldwide Chinese hegemony proves hollow, and "The World of the Vanishing Point" (March 1922 Strand), a striking adventure in a microscopic world of Monsters (see Great and Small). Also of note was a series for The Red Magazine during 1911 which looked into possible events of the Near Future, including "When Women Won" (15 April) about women getting the vote, "Peace Came!" (1 May) about the common people uniting against War, and "Lord Hagen's Dress Suit" (15 August) where advancing Technology has a retrograde effect and forces people back into caves. The Gods Give My Donkey Wings (1895) as by Angus Evan Abbott is a Lost Race tale in which a mountaintop Utopia is mocked. In The Witchery of the Serpent (1907), a giant sea serpent washes up against the Scottish coast, generating some fairly dire emotions. This author was the younger brother of Robert Barr. [JC/MA]

James Angus Evan Abbot Barr

born Wallacetown, Ontario, Canada: 7 April 1862

died Putney, London: 21 March 1923



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