Barren, Charles

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(1913-1999) UK teacher and author, best known for historical romances and co-author with Richard Cox Abel of Trivana I (1966), in which an overpopulated Earth uses the titular Spaceship to establish a Venus colony; he also scripted a sf drama, "The Planet of the Ants", for ITV in 1978. He was chairman of the Science Fiction Foundation from its inception in 1970 until his retirement in 1980, subsequently serving as its Honorary Administrator 1980-1984, materially helping in its survival before it was able to leave the University of East London in 1993. [JC]

Charles Frederick T Barren (adopted the single middle name MacKinnon)

born London: 21 December 1913

died Gravesend, Kent: May 1999


  • Trivana I (London: Library 33, 1966) with R Cox Abel [title page thus while jacket gives Trivana One: hb/uncredited]


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