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(1969-    ) Irish author who is of sf interest primarily for his first novel, the Near Future City of Bohane (2011), which is set in the low-tech Ireland of 2053, a place and time where Dystopian oppressions are loquaciously mocked and serviced and nullified by the gangs whose language (see Linguistics) very vividly represents a world near anarchic, though thriving in the backwaters of history. There are no Computers, and no social media: as an arena for explosive events, the city of Bohane is deliberately belated, with some gain in focus. The tales assembled in his second collection, Dark Lies the Island (coll 2012), also reflect a marriage of sentiment and ribaldry. The protagonist of Barry's second novel, Beatlebone (2015), a figure named John Lennon and perhaps meant to portray the assassinated Beatle, notates a journey inwards at the heart of a mysterious Island. [JC]

Kevin Barry

born Limerick City,Limerick, Ireland: 1969



  • City of Bohane (London: Jonathan Cape, 2011) [hb/Jem Robinson]
  • Beatlebone (Edinburgh, Scotland: Canongate Books, 2015) [hb/]

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