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(1951-    ) UK author whose Trauma 2020 sequence of twenty-first-century action thrillers – comprising Trauma 2020: Urban Prey (1984), Trauma 2020: Book 2: The Crucifixion Squad (1984) and Trauma 2020: Book 3: Silent Slaughter (1985) – has some efficient moments at the depiction of urban Dystopia; his Underworld sequence – comprising Underworld (1992), Underworld II (1992) and Underworld III (1992) – follows its young protagonist into an Underground world beneath London where the poor hide; other books of genre interest include Doomsword (1993) and Star Warriors (1995), which are fantasy; and At Gehenna's Door (1997), which is horror. [JC]

Peter Beere

born Liverpool, England: 10 November 1951




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