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(1892-1933) UK author most of whose work contains elements of fantasy, in particular her World War One novel Living Alone (1919) [for fuller description see her entry in The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], where an aerial dogfight over London involving German bombers and witches evokes a sense of Equipoise. One of the protagonists of the earlier This Is the End (1917) is a soldier home on leave; he goes to ground briefly with his sister, who sends pursuers off on fantasticated quests. Work of sf interest include the title story of Christmas Formula and Other Stories (coll 1932 chap), whose protagonist is transported in a mysterious ocean liner to a Near Future UK Dystopia occupied by vat-born citizens in a Media Landscape where everything has been monetized; and Mundos: An Unfinished Novel (1935), set on an imaginary Island in the Atlantic, ruled by remote control as a British Crown Colony, and occupied by an array of twentieth-century types who are described Satirically. [JC]

Stella Benson

born Wenlock Edge, Shropshire: 6 January 1892

died Baie d'Along, near Haiphon, French Indo-China [now Vietnam]: 6 December 1933

works (selected)

collections and stories

  • The Man Who Missed the 'Bus (London: Elkin Mathews and Marrot, 1928) [novelette: chap: in the publisher's Woburn Books series: hb/]
  • Christmas Formula and Other Stories (London: William Jackson (Books) Limited, 1932) [coll: chap: in the publisher's Furnival Books series: illus/Clare Leighton: hb/nonpictorial]


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