Berry, Stephen Ames

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(1947-    ) US systems analyst and data architect, formerly with the US Army Security Agency, and author whose John Harrison/Biofab War sequence of Near Future adventures comprises The Biofab War (1984), The Battle for Terra Two (1986), The AI War (1987) and Final Assault (1988). Military engagements (see Military SF) predominate throughout between the malign, mind-enslaving biological fabricants and the human defenders of Earth, of its Parallel Worlds counterpart Terra Two and of other galactic venues. The standalone novel The Eldridge Roster (2010 ?ebook; vt The Eldridge Conspiracy 2013), taking its initial impetus from the mythical US Navy "Philadelphia Experiment" in warship Invisibility (see The Philadelphia Experiment), blends vigorous action-adventure with a Paranoia-ridden government conspiracy theory. [JC/DRL]

Stephen Ames Berry

born Stoneham, Massachusetts: 13 October 1947




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