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Pseudonym used for two sf novels by Harry Leigh Pink (1906-1973), UK author who also wrote western and crime fiction under the working name Hal Pink; other pseudonyms were H Carson Marksman and Charles Van Horn. He was active in UK magazines (including The Passing Show) and US Pulps from 1925, and as a novelist from 1932 to 1941. The Beverley titles are The Air Devil (1934), which is as much Horror as sf, and The Space Raiders (1936), wherein the League of Nations defends the world from an Alien Invasion. The Lust of Treasure (1934) as by Marksman is an unremarkable buried-treasure adventure with a marginal Lost Race element. [JC/SH/DRL]

Harry Leigh Pink [latterly Leigh-Pink]

born Wirral, Cheshire: 20 November 1906

died Bakersfield, California: 22 November 1973

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