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(?   -?   ) US author, active before World War Two mainly in one magazine, The Argosy, where he published all his work. Minions of the Moon (22 April-6 May 1939 Argosy; 1950), along with three further serials, Minions of Mars (13 January-10 February 1940 Argosy; 1940) "Minions of Mercury" (31 August-28 September 1940 Argosy), and "Minions of the Shadow" (20 September-15 November 1941 Argosy), make up the Mark Nevin – Omega series of light-hearted, interplanetary Space-Opera adventures involving a human protagonist who awakens (see Sleeper Awakes) 6000 years after the present day, falls in love and befriends an Alien called Omega who is the last survivor of its Moon civilization. All four novels were eventually assembled as Minions of the Shadow and the Other Mark Nevin – Omega Novels (omni 2003). [JC/DRL]

William Gray Beyer





Mark Nevin – Omega


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