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US Digest-size magazine. Ten issues, July 1953-January 1955, published by Galaxy Publishing Corporation and edited by H L Gold. The first eight issues were bimonthly and dated; the last two, undated, were titled Beyond Fiction. A companion magazine to Galaxy Science Fiction, Beyond was a fantasy magazine conceived in the same spirit as Unknown (to which Gold had contributed). It began promisingly, its first issue featuring such stories as Theodore Sturgeon's "... And My Fear is Great" (July 1953) and Damon Knight's "Babel II" (July 1953), but could maintain this standard only fitfully. #2 contained Theodore R Cogswell's classic "The Wall Around the World" (September 1953) and Sturgeon's chilling "Talent" (September 1953). Notable later stories included "The Watchful Poker Chip" (March 1954) by Ray Bradbury, "The Green Magician" (1954 #9), a Harold Shea story by L Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt, and two stories by Philip K Dick, "The King of the Elves" (September 1953) and "Upon the Dull Earth" (1954 #9). Beyond Fantasy Fiction was drab in appearance with uninspired cover paintings and failed to find a market when the interest in fantasy faded during the science fiction boom of the early 1950s. Beyond (anth 1963), edited anonymously by Thomas A Dardis, reprinted nine stories. An abridged UK edition of the first four issues was published by Strato Publications, 1953-1954. [MJE/MA]

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  • Thomas A Dardis. Beyond (New York: Berkley Medallion, 1963) edited anonymously [anth: pb/Richard Powers]


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