Blair, Andrew

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(1849-1885) Scottish medical doctor and author whose Future History, Annals of the Twenty-Ninth Century; Or, The Autobiography of the Tenth President of the World Republic (1874 3vols) anonymous, celebrates, at times quite exuberantly, the rapid advance of science on Earth and the complete ecospheric control of the planet. In the second and third volumes, the protagonist of the narrative undertakes a trip to the Moon, which is soon colonized; and after tours of Venus and Mars, both planets being inhabited (see Life on Other Worlds), the Fantastic Voyage continues with a trip to Jupiter itself, in response to an enticing message. The inhabitants of Jupiter are spiritually evolved. The book as a whole is a Scientific Romance whose scope adumbrates the maturity of the form in the works of Olaf Stapledon. [BS/JC]

see also: Anonymous SF Authors; Colonization of Other Worlds.

Andrew Blair

born Dunfermline, Scotland: March 1849

died Tayport, Scotland: January 1885



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