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Pseudonym of Andrew James Frazer Blair (1872-1935), Scottish author, journalist and editor, resident in India for many years; his sf is all set in the Near Future, and focuses on issues of governance. In 1957 (1930) he describes how air power overcomes the Second Indian Mutiny (> Pax Aeronautica). In its sequel, Governor Hardy (1931), he focuses on the ensuing international intrigues, which lead to Future War. A third futuristic novel, The Great Gesture (1931), optimistically depicts the events leading to the founding in 1941 of a United States of Europe. [JE]

Andrew James Frazer Blair

born Dingwall, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland: 30 September 1872

died 28 January 1935


  • 1957 (Edinburgh, Scotland: William Blackwood, 1930) [hb/]
  • Governor Hardy (Edinburgh, Scotland: William Blackwood, 1931) [hb/]
  • The Great Gesture (Edinburgh, Scotland: William Blackwood, 1931) [hb/]


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