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Working name of UK publisher and editor Thomas Volney Boardman Jr (1930-2017), who went to work for the family publishing company, T V Boardman, in 1949, and stayed on as managing director when the company changed ownership in 1954. This company published primarily mysteries, but also some sf. Tom Boardman was sf adviser, successively, to Gollancz, Four Square Books, Macdonald and New English Library. He was business manager of the short-lived critical magazine SF Horizons. He edited the five sf reprint Anthologies Connoisseur's Science Fiction (anth 1964), The Unfriendly Future (anth 1965), An ABC of Science Fiction (anth 1966), Science Fiction Horizons 1 (anth 1968) and Science Fiction Stories (anth 1979), the last being for children (see Children's SF). The conceit of An ABC of Science Fiction is that there is a contributor for each letter of the alphabet, from Brian W Aldiss to Roger Zelazny, with the difficult letter X represented by the avowed Pseudonym "B T H Xerxes" – whose three limericks are thought to be by either Aldiss or Boardman himself.

Boardman later worked in educational publishing. [MJE/DRL]

Thomas Volney Boardman Jr

born Bronxville, New York: 20 December 1930

died Sunningdale, Berkshire: 15 June 2017



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