Bodelsen, Anders

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(1937-    ) Danish author and journalist, author of several novels of suspense. Villa Sunset ["Villa Sunset"] (1964) is a Near-Future tale of Fimbul-Winter and glacial transformation. Frysepunktet (1969; trans Joan Tate as Freezing Point 1971; vt Freezing Down 1971) is also sf. Its protagonist is incurably sick, and is frozen until he can be cured (see Cryonics). The world to which he awakens, complexly and satirically described in Bodelsen's intense manner, offers him ambivalent (and restricted) choices between an idle life (with death inevitable) and a life of drudgery (with access to spare parts). It is a dark story, told urgently, using a wide range of literary techniques. [JC]

see also: Denmark; Immortality.

Anders Bodelsen

born Copenhagen, Denmark: 11 February 1937



  • Villa Sunset (Copenhagen, Denmark: Thaning & Appel, 1964) [hb/]
  • Frysepunktet (Copenhagen, Denmark: Gyldendal, 1969) [hb/]
    • Freezing Point (London: Michael Joseph, 1971) [trans by Joan Tate of the above: hb/Brian Burford]
      • Freezing Down (New York: Harper and Row, 1971) [vt of the above trans: hb/Cloud Studio]


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