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(1950-    ) US author whose first books were the mainstream feminist novels A Certain Slant of Light (1979), Ember Days (1980) and Callbacks (1981); a later non-genre title is Risks (1989). She made her mark on sf with a highly successful Star Trek tie, Dwellers in the Crucible (1985). Two others were soon published – Star Trek: Strangers from the Sky (1987) and Star Trek: Probe (1992), the latter of these, after being subjected to a variety of changes by the owners of the franchise, she disavowed as no longer having been written by her [see her website under links below] – followed after several years by Star Trek: The Lost Era: 2360: Catalyst of Sorrows (2003).

More interestingly, Bonanno has also published two moderately ambitious series. In The Others, a Planetary-Romance sequence comprising The Others (1990), Otherwhere (1991) and Otherwise (1993), the eponymous Aliens, stranded on an Earth-like world, must attempt – through Telepathy and intermittent bouts of interracial breeding – to survive the onslaughts of jealous, inferior human-like natives. The Preternatural sequence, comprising Preternatural (1996), Preternatural Too: Gyre (2000) and Preternatural3 (2002), complexly combines Fabulation with sf tropes – like Time Travel and episodes occupying intersecting Dimensions and Aliens stranded on Earth – in a narrative which in part comprises a multi-volume book written by a forty-something sf writer in trouble with her life and work, and in part carries this sf writer herself into Recursive SF venues which may be delusional. On the other hand, the aliens may be writing her. The sequence is technically of considerable interest, though Bonanno's control over her material is sometimes less than magisterial. Under the House Name Rick North, she has also written two instalments in the Young Astronauts sequence [see Checklist below]. [JC]

Margaret Wander Bonanno

born New York: 7 February 1950




Star Trek

Young Astronauts

The Others sequence

  • The Others (New York: St Martin's Press, 1990) [The Others: hb/Adam Niklewicz]
  • Otherwhere (New York: St Martin's Press, 1991) [The Others: hb/Adam Niklewicz]
  • Otherwise (New York: St Martin's Press, 1993) [The Others: hb/Adam Niklewicz]


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