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(1976-    ) US editor, critic and author, a founding co-editor with her husband Christopher Rowe of the little magazine Say ... and a Contributing Editor to Locus magazine from February 2011 to February 2014. Most of her fiction has been Young Adult fantasy, beginning with Blackwood (2012), which is set in Roanoke, North Carolina, two of whose inhabitants are haunted by the historical sixteenth century residents of Roanoke Colony, whose disappearance remains a mystery. As the story evolves, however, it seems that a Mad Scientist revived from the dead may be responsible for the contemporary disturbances (see Horror in SF). The Woken Gods (2013) and Girl on a Wire (2015) are fantasy. The Lois Lane sequence, comprising Fallout (2015), Double Down (2016) and Triple Threat (2017), featuring the Lois Lane character from Superman, is a Tie to the DC Comics universe; her lack of Superpowers is compensated for, even in the teenage years the tale covers, by her sharp wits. The Supernormal Sleuthing Service series beginning with The Lost Legacy (2017) with Christopher Rowe – designed for the younger rim of the Young Adult market – follows the adventures of its young protagonists in a world full of Monsters, some amiable, others villainous. [JC]

Gwenda Bond

born USA: 12 July 1976




Lois Lane

  • Fallout (Mankato, Minnesota: Switch Press, 2015) [tie to the DC Comics universe: Lois Lane: hb/]
  • Double Down (Mankato, Minnesota: Switch Press, 2016) [tie to the DC Comics universe: Lois Lane: hb/]
  • Triple Threat (Mankato, Minnesota: Switch Press, 2017) [tie to the DC Comics universe: Lois Lane: hb/]

Girl on a Wire

Supernormal Sleuthing Service

  • The Lost Legacy (New York: HarperCollins Greenwillow, 2017) with Christopher Rowe [Supernormal Sleuthing Service: illus/hb/Glenn Thomas]
  • The Sphinx's Secret (New York: HarperCollins/Greenwillow, 2018) with Christopher Rowe [Supernormal Sleuthing Service: hb/Glenn Thomas]

individual titles

  • Blackwood (London: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2012) [pb/Steven Wood]
  • The Woken Gods (New York: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2013) [pb/Amazing15]
  • Stranger Things (New York: Penguin Random House Del Rey, 2019) [hb/Tony Mauro]


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