Bonham, Frank

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(1914-1988) US author, most of whose adult novels were Westerns, and who wrote in various modes for younger readers, though some of his sf or fantasy was for Young Adult readers. The Missing Persons League (1976), set in a starving Dystopian USA, presents its young protagonist with the chance to find a better world. The Forever Formula (1979) is a strong sf tale in which a young man awakens from Suspended Animation to find himself torn between opposing factions: those who wish for his father's Immortality formula, to which he has the secret, and those who wish for normal mortality. Premonitions (1984) is a fantasy. [JC]

Frank Bonham

born Los Angeles, California: 25 February 1914 [14 February 1914 has also been given]

died 16 December 1988

works (those for younger children are selected)


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