Borgese, Elisabeth Mann

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(1918-2002) German-born scholar and author, daughter of Thomas Mann (1875-1955), in US from the 1930s, in Canada from 1979; as a central figure in the gradual evolution of international ocean law in the twentieth century, she provided cultural prestige to the campaign to preserve the world's oceans, wrote books fervently arguing the case that humans must take collective responsibility for them, and founded the International Ocean Institute in 1972. She won the Order of Canada in 1980. Her sf is restricted to short stories, several – like "True Self" (October 1959 Galaxy) – published in sf magazines; all her significant work, which focuses on the Near Future congestion of the world and the consequent ravages inflicted on the human psyche, is contained in To Whom It May Concern (coll 1960). [JC]

Elisabeth Mann Borgese

born Munich, Germany: 24 April 1918

died St Moritz, Switzerland: 8 February 2002



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