Braddon, Russell

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(1921-1995) Australian author of biographies, many novels and some other work; he was actively interested in experiments on ESP. He was imprisoned by the Japanese in Changi, Singapore, during World War II. His first sf novel, The Year of the Angry Rabbit (1964), is sensitive – unsurprisingly in view of his nationality – about the threat posed by giant rabbits to civilization as we know it; by the end of the book, only a few Aborigines remain, and they start a second Flood. A film, Night of the Lepus (1972), was made of it. The Inseparables (1968) – in which the horror of Nazi Germany (see World War Two) is experienced by a contemporary student who has taken LSD at Dachau – and When the Enemy is Tired (1968) are also sf; the latter is marginal. [JC]

Russell Reading Braddon

born Sydney, New South Wales: 25 January 1921

died Urunga, New South Wales: 20 March 1995



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