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(1960-    ) Canadian creator of Yummy Fur, a fantasy Comic whose stories lurch from one comics Taboo to another: Religion, homosexuality, Vampires, Zombies, masturbation and a full spectrum of bodily excretions. Yummy Fur began life as a series of tiny (A6) self-published pamphlets in the early 1980s. Brown was eventually approached by Vortex Comics in 1986 to produce a regular Yummy Fur. The first three issues of this reprinted all the mini-comics and included characters and stories that were to feature in the 15 issues that followed, notably "Adventures in Science" (1985), "The Man Who Couldn't Stop" (1985) and "Ed the Happy Clown" (1986); this last story involved ghosts, pygmy cannibalism, a frightening religious interpretation of vampirism, a gateway from another Dimension, and Ronald Reagan's head on the end of a clown's penis. Inevitably the comic suffered censorship, and distributors and retailers refused to stock it. The first nine chapters plus relevant mini-comics stories were published as Ed the Happy Clown (graph 1989). Issues of Yummy Fur (published by Drawn & Quarterly) since #18 lack sf references. His most recent works have been nonfiction and autobiographical comics. [SW/RT/JP]

see also: Graphic Novel.

Chester Brown

born 16 May 1960




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