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US professional Slick Print Magazine of Speculative Fiction – technically a Semiprozine – which is also available online, founded and edited by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn of Durham, North Carolina. It debuted in Spring 2010 and was initially published thrice yearly, the print edition being in slick letter-size format. The editor keeps his definition of speculative fiction broad so that the magazine contains a range of fiction, from fables to Hard SF via Steampunk. In addition to its fiction, which has included contributions by Melissa Mead, Lavie Tidhar, Tim Pratt and Cat Rambo, it incorporates reviews, essays and interviews. Bull Spec shows much of interest and diversity, its fiction often containing an originality of ideas and treatment that is both refreshing and rewarding.

After seven single issues and the double issue #8/#9, the last dated Spring 2013, Montgomery-Blinn announced in August 2014 that issue #10 would not appear. The website [see links below] continues with blog posts, podcasts, reviews, interviews, news reportage and other nonfiction. [MA/DRL]


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