Captain Justice

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The hero of a long-running series of boys' stories (see Boys' Papers) published in Modern Boy, a weekly magazine published by Amalgamated Press through the 1930s. The stories were written by Murray Roberts (Robert Murray Graydon) and later – following his death – by John Garbutt. Very British, Captain Justice wore white ducks, smoked cigars and worked out of Titanic Tower in the mid-Atlantic. In the course of battling for good he survived Robots, giant insects, runaway planets and an Earth plunged into darkness. His exploits deeply affected the impressionable mind of a young Brian W Aldiss, among others of that generation. Some Captain Justice stories, including The World in Darkness (1935) and multiple robot adventures, were republished as books in the Boys' Friend Library imprint of Amalgamated Press. [PN/SH/DRL]


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