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(1975-    ) US film critic, screenwriter and author whose first series, the Dreams and Shadows sequence beginning with Dreams and Shadows (2013), is set in a fantasy world whose protagonists are suffering from Amnesia, which blocks them from the Magic-filled realm of their past. He is of sf interest for Sea of Rust (2017), a broad-gauge Ruined-Earth Dystopia set in a world wiped clean of Homo sapiens, with Robots having become a new servant class under the rule of mainframe Computers with AI capabilities; one dissident robot revolts. Cargill's film criticism was composed mostly for the internet site Ain't It Cool News as by Massawyrm; his work as screenwriter includes co-authoring the script for Doctor Strange (2016) directed by Scott Derrickson. [JC]

C Robert Cargill

born San Antonio, Texas: 8 September 1975




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