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(1926-2016) US social historian and author who began publishing sf with "The Last Objective" for Astounding in August 1946. His occasional stories over the next decades showed that, had he wished, he could have made writing his primary career. In his critical study The Creation of Tomorrow: Fifty Years of Magazine Science Fiction (coll 1977) he demonstrated an intimate and sophisticated knowledge of the field. With Gregory Benford he published a short novel, Iceborn (in Synergy 3, anth 1989, ed George Zebrowski, as "Proserpina's Daughter" by Benford alone; exp 1989 chap dos). [JC]

see also: Politics.

Paul Allen Carter

born New Bedford, Massachusetts: 3 September 1926

died Kingman, Arizona: 28 November 2016


  • Iceborn (New York: Tor, 1989) with Gregory Benford [chap: dos: in Synergy 3, 1989, as "Proserpina's Daughter" by Benford alone: pb/Mark Maxwell]



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