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(?   -    ) US author, female, of whom little is known beyond her authorship of an sf novel, The Fortunate Fall (1996), which – though its basic premise derives from D G Compton's The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe (1974; rev vt The Unsleeping Eye 1974; vt Death Watch 1981) – intensely presents a Cyberpunk world two centuries hence; the female protagonist, a news reporter with a Computer-driven camera wired into her sensorium, finds herself deeply involved in an ancient conspiracy involving Zombie Russian soldiers and mean streets. The world she inhabits is described with colour and verve. Carter's only other work is a long story presented as a scientific paper on vagaries of Psychology, "Congenital Agenesis of Gender Ideation" (in Starlight 2, anth 1998, ed Patrick Nielsen Hayden); this won a 1999 James Tiptree Jr Award. [JC/DRL]

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