Case, Josephine Young

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(1907-1990) US educator, administrator and author of a remarkable book-length sf poem, At Midnight on the 31st of March (1938), set in a New England village suddenly barred by an unidentified Disaster from any egress into the surrounding country, and shifted through a Timeslip into an uninhabited America, where it must rely upon its own closely observed resources. What seemed, on its 1990 republication, to read as tocsin nostalgia for an impossible rapport with mythic roots may have read in 1938 as a clarion call. Hugely expanded and sophisticated, a version of the initiating premise inspires Stephen King's Under the Dome (2009). [JC]

Josephine Young Case

born Lexington, Massachusetts: 16 February 1907

died Waterville, New York: 8 January 1990



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