Chatelain, Clara De

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(1807-1876) UK author and translator, born of an French emigré father and English mother; exceedingly prolific, she published poetry and other work from 1826 under he own name and as by Leopold Wray, Leigh Santa Croce or Leopoldine Ziska. Most of her work was for children, many of them fantasy, like her first, The Silver Swan (1847 chap). Of sf interest is The Sedan-Chair, and Sir Wilfred's Seven Flights (coll 1866; vt Sir Wilfred's Seven Flights 1874) for the second named story, which takes Sir Wilfred to an Under the Sea Lost World, and to several planets. [JC]

Clara de Chatelain

born London: 31 July 1807

died London: 30 June 1876



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