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(1878-1944) UK author, active from around the turn of the century, best known for nonfiction works on maritime history, and for his dramatic depictions of naval warfare; he commanded a navy mine-sweeper during World War One. Of his fiction, the Z-Rays sequence – comprising Through Sea and Air (1929), Adventurers of the Air (1930) and The Sky Riders (1930) – is of most sf interest, as a European Invention, the feared Z-ray, is sold to Chinese bandits (see Yellow Peril) who nefariously assault the protagonists, themselves armed with a super-flying boat and, in the second volume, an advanced zeppelin; there are mild hints of propaganda for a Pax Aeronautica. [JC]

Lieutenant Commander Edward Keble Chatterton

born Sheffield, South Yorkshire: 10 September 1878

died London: 31 December 1944

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