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(1943-    ) UK publisher, initially at New English Library, where his enthusiasm led that company to acquire UK paperback rights to Frank Herbert's Dune (fixup 1965). Subsequent employers included Sphere, of which he was editorial director from 1968 and later managing director. He founded or worked on the early stages of Futura (1973-1979), Macdonald Futura (1979-1982), Century (1982-1985), Century Hutchinson (1985-1989), Random Century (1989-1991), Orion (1991-2003), Quercus (2006-2009) and Corvus (2009-current). The Orbit Science Fiction imprint, originally launched by Futura, still appears from Little, Brown UK; Orion owns Gollancz.

As editor Cheetham was responsible for two sf anthologies: the agreeably Paranoia-ridden Science Against Man (anth 1970) – whose most notable story may be Norman Spinrad's "The Lost Continent" – and Bug-Eyed Monsters (anth 1972), which naturally focuses on Aliens, Monsters and in particular Bug-Eyed Monsters. [DRL]

Anthony John Valerian Cheetham

born Mexico: 12 April 1943


works as editor


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