Chester, George Randolph

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(1870-1924) US screenwriter and author, married to Lillian Chester, his close collaborator from the time of their marriage in 1911; the sexist conventions of the time treated him as the senior partner, but his references to her seem to contradict this. His (or their) The Jingo (1912) satirizes simultaneously the lost-race (see Lost Worlds) story and US know-how in a tale about a salesman selling his modern products to an obscure Antarctic civilization. The Ball of Fire (1914) with Lillian Chester takes a less savage view of entrepreneurs, in the Near Future story of a magnate who comes to dominate the Transportation networks of the world. Earlier he wrote a set of fantasy poems which Winsor McCay transformed into the 43-episode illustrated sequence, "A Tale of the Jungle Imps" (11 January-18 November 1903 Cincinnati Enquirer) as by Felix Fiddle. No prior publication of the verse is known: this was a genuine author-artist collaboration. [PN/JC/MA]

George Randolph Chester

born Knock County, Ohio: 27 January 1870

died New York: 26 February 1924



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