Chester, William L

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(1907-?1971) US author known for his series about Kioga, a Tarzan-like white child raised on a vast Island Lost World within the Arctic Circle, somewhere in northern Siberia but heated by thermal springs and unknown currents, from which he escapes into the company of bears and Mika, a snow-lion: Hawk of the Wilderness (April-October 1935 Blue Book; 1936), filmed as Hawk of the Wilderness (1938), as a 12-part serial directed by John English and William Witney, and re-edited for television as Lost Island of Kioga (1966); Kioga of the Wilderness (April-October 1936 Blue Book; 1976); One Against a Wilderness (March-August 1937 Blue Book; coll of linked stories 1977) and Kioga of the Unknown Land (March-August 1938 Blue Book; 1978). [JC]

William L Chester

born ?New York: 1907

died ?1971 [several dates have been given for Chester's death; we give what seems the most likely]





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